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 * Copyright (c) 2007, Erik Tews, Andrei Pychkine and Ralf-Philipp Weinmann.

#include <stdint.h>

// Number of bytes we use for our table of seen IVs, this is (2^24)/8
#define PTW_IVTABLELEN 2097152

// How many sessions do we use to check if a guessed key is correct
// 10 seems to be a reasonable choice

// The maximum possible length of the main key, 13 is the maximum for a 104 bit key

// How long the IV is, 3 is the default value for WEP
#define PTW_IVBYTES 3

// How many bytes of a keystream we collect, 16 are needed for a 104 bit key
#define PTW_KSBYTES 16

#define PTW_n 256

// We use this to keep track of the outputs of A_i
typedef struct {
      // How often the value b appeard as an output of A_i
      int votes;

      uint8_t b;
} PTW_tableentry;

// A recovered session
typedef struct {
      // The IV used in this session
        uint8_t iv[PTW_IVBYTES];
      // The keystream used in this session
        uint8_t keystream[PTW_KSBYTES];
} PTW_session;

// The state of an attack
// You should usually never modify these values manually
typedef struct {
      // How many unique packets or IVs have been collected
        int packets_collected;
      // Table to check for duplicate IVs
        uint8_t seen_iv[PTW_IVTABLELEN];
      // How many sessions for checking a guessed key have been collected
        int sessions_collected;
      // The actual recovered sessions
        PTW_session sessions[PTW_CONTROLSESSIONS];
      // The table with votes for the keybytesums
        PTW_tableentry table[PTW_KEYHSBYTES][PTW_n];
} PTW_attackstate;

PTW_attackstate * PTW_newattackstate();
void PTW_freeattackstate(PTW_attackstate *);
int PTW_addsession(PTW_attackstate *, uint8_t *, uint8_t *);
int PTW_computeKey(PTW_attackstate *, uint8_t *, int, int);

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